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        Ningbo Jinyu Powder Metallurgy Co.,Ltd, founded in 2009, mainly produces and markets Fe/Cu based, stainless steel PM parts for garden machinery, compressors, power tools, home appliances, and motor, with 50 employees. Present month capacity can reach 2 million parts. Our main equipments include 10 compacting presses ranged from 25t to 160t, 18 inch continuous sintering furnace, projector, chemical analysis equipment, and hardness and metallographic testing equipments. Jinyu has been GB/T19001-2000 idt ISO90012000 certificated.

    Guowei Chen
    Mobile phone:13805865453       Tel:86-574-86267226
    Fax:86-574-86628088     E-mail:chengg1958@163.com
    Jianhui Chen
    Mobile phone:13566015608       Tel:86-574-86628066
    Fax:86-574-86628088     E-mail:chenjianhuinb@126.com
    Add: 361# of Dayun Rd, Jiao Chuan Street, Zhenhai District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province    Postcode: 315200

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